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Student Complaints

If you are experiencing a problem with the school you are attending and cannot resolve it with the appropriate school officials, the Commission may be able to help.

The first step is to contact the Commission .  Staff will attempt a resolution between you and the school.  If that is unsuccessful, you can file a formal complaint.  (Click here for a pdf version)

Formal complaints are investigated to determine if there was a violation of regulations.  If a violation is determined to have occurred and substantiated after appeals, the Commission has only the following options:

That the school substantially failed to fulfill the education described in the enrollment agreement, in which case the Commission must order a full refund of all monies paid; or,

That the school did provide the education described in the enrollment agreement but the conditions were such that it was not reasonable to to expect the student to complete the training, in which case the Commission must order a refund of half all monies paid.

If you have any questions concerning this process, please contact the Commission.




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