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Licensure Overview

Non-Accredited Degree Granting Programs


The following is an overview of the process for licensure of a non-accredited institution that seeks approval to offer degrees or course work that leads to degrees.  It is not intended to be all inclusive and you may be subject to additional requirements. 

1.  Obtain and complete application Part A.  In addition to normal requirements, you must obtain transfer affidavits from two separate accredited schools stating that at least 75% of your non-accredited course work will transfer, credit-for-credit, into a similar accredited program.  You must also obtain a letter from the accredited institution's accrediting body stating they are aware of the transfer affidavit.

2.  Obtain and complete application Part B.  This will be used by a panel of evaluators to conduct a program review of your school.  Once both parts of the application have been received, reviewed and determined adequate by the administrator, a panel of evaluators will be scheduled to review your operation.  You must have a facility, staff, instructors, library, text books, handouts, equipment and any other required materials needed to conduct your education prior to the review.  The panel of evaluators will prepare a recommendation for the Commission.

3.  Once the recommendation has been submitted and the administrator determines all aspects of the application are complete, you will be placed on the Commission's agenda subject to meeting the 60-day submission rule. 

The process can take more than 24 months.



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